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I walked in Graduation on Saturday. I feels very weird because I'm not done with finals yet. I have a test on Wednesday and two art critiques during the week. I have to study for the final, and finish a weaving piece but I'm sooo close!

Walking was very weird. The speaker was a little depressing, and the whole ceremony was a little long and boring... But I had 2 other ATD students sit with me (the on;y three of us to graduate). I also ran into an old friend; paul from freshman year. We sat and walked together, and he kept making jokes and lightening the mood.

We didn't have any cheesy graduation songs so we sang "Graduation Day" by Vitamin C quietly to pass the time. That was hilarious.

My grandparents flew up from Florida, my parents came down from home. My other grandma, and some aunts and uncles also came over from Rochester/Sterling Heights. We had a delicious and long lunch at Mongolian BBQ after. The waitress wound up knowing a girl from Negaunee. It's Sam Lenten, who I soft of know-- and I know her sister and cousins pretty well. So that was interesting. I called Siiri to let her know, which was a funny phone call.

We all drove separately over to Rochester for family time. I took my car over at about 6. The roads were really bad, but I made it. I made like 7 stops on the way out of town-- but it only took me like an hour and a half I think.

We had dinner, and played the traditional games. This year we played Balderdash, which was interesting with the kids-- but pretty fun. We also had to play the thankful for game-- which no one reading this needs to know about. But we always do it on Thanksgiving, but postponed it until this weekend so we could include my parents and siblings. Everyone was really nice, and supportive about my graduation. It really made me realize how proud everyone is. I can be kind of a fuck up-- I don't fuck up at school.So that's cool of me I guess.

Coreect me if I'm wrong, but I also think I'm the first person from my High school graduating class to have a Bachelor's Degree. So I guess I can just be a bitch, and really cocky about that.

My cousin Andrea was there, but she had to be back in Howell to work at 8am this morning. Her dad lives near Rochester, but he was going to drive her to Howell, and then drive back to his house anyways... I realized that this was silly since I could just take 59 to 96 and drop her off on my way to Lansing. This meant that we either had to leave before bed last night, or get up at 5am to get her home in time to get ready..... So around midnight we rolled out and drove to Howell. We made a fun stop at meijer for burt's bees lip balm, windshield wiper fluid and diet coke.

It's crazy how much I've been getting to know my family lately-- but they are finally getting old enough to have a personality to require knowing. lol. We talked about a bunch of stuff the whole way home, and it was really nice to chat with her. She's going to college next fall so I gave her the advice I could-- and all that stuff. She and I are TOTALLY different people, but she's still a pretty okay person.

I got her to Howell no problem, even though I as surprised that we were on a random road most of the way and not on a freeway at all. Then I hopped on 96 to get home, and rolled in around 2ish.

Being back in Lansing was another adventure, but that's another post for another day. ;)
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