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Its funny how my life goes one way for an entire year, but it never fails to revert back to another crazy way when I go to the up for christmas break.

Parts of it are great. Parts of it kinda suck.

Almost everyone reading this was there. But there were bars, and friend's concerts, and icky people, and cool people, and adventures, and coffee, and degrassi, and hippie communes, and birds, and lans, and family, and fun.

Now I'm back in lansing and I've been working this whole week. It's been pretty crazy because I have a lot of night meetings and trainings to give. Cookie season starts friday, so everyone is being crazy. I'm just plugging along with Alissa and getting shit done.

I got home from work at 5 today, which is a really nice change.
So I'm going to clean my apartment and watch Gilmore Girls.

and maybe take a nap.

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