Brittany (brittster0) wrote,

Biogotry much.

I'm in a conference for work about Dating and Sexual Abuse. This is the most bigoted thing I've ever been to.

The entire thing has been “If your boyfriend is abusive to animals, this is a sign that he might be abusive to you.” And “if your husband does blah blah blah…”
She also made a point to talk about how men will almost never come into a shelter, or report violence or domestic abuse because our society isn’t set up for men to admit that a woman could physically hurt them.
Point in case--- They are not leaving any room in the conference for relationships that are not between a woman and a man. But not even just a woman and a man, they aren’t leaving room for any relationship that isn’t between the western stereotype of strong man, weak woman.

They are fighting abuse, but they are only fighting abuse for one kind of person—apparently they think it’s okay for gay men, lesbian, transgender, etc etc to be abused.

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