Brittany (brittster0) wrote,

Bigotry at its best

So again, I find myself completely baffled at the principals my organization runs on.

A member of my organization in a high leadership position was tasked with finding out if we could attend a LGBT PRIDE event. We did not expect to march in thier rally and wave flags-- but I did expect that I could attend the festival and recruit the adults or children. I also thought I could sell cookies to the attending community members.

At this request she laughed and laughed.

Maybe someone should explain to me what is so funny about attending a LBGT Pride event.

I repeat: Maybe someone should explain to me what is so funny about  a non-profit government endorced organization truely wanting to serve every girl everywhere without consideration of religion, race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other cultural bias when that principal is clearly in it's bylaws.

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